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Ultimate Ability Card - Fusoya FF4 | Mobius Final Fantasy

Fusoya FF4

Fusoya, also known as FuSoYa or Fusuya, is the final playable character in Final Fantasy IV who also appears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is a Lunarian from the Red Moon, and it is his job to watch over the Lunarians' sleep. He is the oldest of the main characters and reveals significant plot details during the short time he is with the party. In the English localization of the 3D remake version, Fusoya is pronounced [fuˈsɔɪ.ə] ("foo-SOY-uh"). In the iOS version his name is retransliterated as Fusuya (Wikia)

Ultimate Ability Card - Yiazmat FF12 | Mobius Final Fantasy

Yiazmat is the ultimate Elite Mark in Final Fantasy XII. He is not only the ultimate mark, but also the ultimate boss. Yiazmat has well over 50 million hit points. This astronomically high number is the main reason he takes so long to kill, since regular attacks break the damage limit only in the Zodiac versions.