New Extra Map - Sacred Tree Yggdrasil - Best Place to Unlock Expand Skill (Extra-skill) | Mobius Final Fantasy

Sacred Tree Yggdrasil

Here's another Extra Map in Mobius Final Fantasy, "Sacred Tree Yggdrasil", a fodder paradise & best place to unlock Extra-skill.

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Sacred Tree Yggdrasil

This map divided into 2 section, Ability Zone & Expand Zone.

1. Ability Zone

Ability Zone called fodder paradise, is place to farm fodder for certain ability cards. You can teleport anywhere to collect ability book for your ability card.

Sacred Tree Yggdrasil

2. Expand Zone

Expand Zone is the best place to unlock Expand Skill (Extra Skill Awakening) of your ability card. Probability increased 6 times normal area & it overlaps with the effect of Mobius Day.

Sacred Tree Yggdrasil

So make sure to good use of it, and don't worry SE will add more Ability Books later :D

Here's the prologue Cutscene.

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