Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 8 part 2: Last Mobius

Here comes the Last Chapter in Mobius Final Fantasy, Chapter 8 part 2: Last Mobius. It'll be the end Wol journey in Palamecia.

July 15 (Sat) 0: 00 ~

You need to clear chapter 7: Light of Hope to access Chapter 8: Last Mobius

1. Gate of Hope

Chaos strengthened by 4 Heavenly Kings, so defeat them first.

2. Free Sarah basic job: Fantasy Princess 

Sarah join the party. She can use all elements, high break performance, & her ultimate give faith, boost, snipe, barrier, wall, shell, and massive strengthening.

3. Final Battle vs Chaos

This is ultimate chaos. Since he is extreme difficult to defeat. Make sure to prepare well before step forward to battlefield.

4. Level Cap Raised

Level cap for ★ 5 Ability card raised to Lv. 80, if you do breakthrough the ability limit, it'll be Lv. 88 MAX.

5. Stay tune the next update 

Challenge region "Magic of Chaos" will be released soon

Chapter 8 part 2 [All Cutscenes]

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