Mobius FF [Global] - 1st Anniversary Game Balances ~ Major Updates

1st Anniversary Game Balance

As part of 1st Anniversary (August 3, 2017) Ceremony, Mobius FF gets several game balance:

Gameplay Adjustments

1. Magicite Drops
This is what many Global players deserved so much. Magicite dropped during Solo & Multiplayer. More players in party, higher magicite drop.

2. Revision of Login Bonuses and Daily Missions
Added magicite to the rewards for Login Bonuses and Daily Missions! In addition, the amount of Ability Tickets rewarded will also be increased

3. Card Bank Expansion
Player can expand the card box to fit 800 cards, and card bank to fit 1600 cards

4. MOBIUS Day Changes
There will now be level 2 ability card drops, Pleiades Lagoon will be fully opened, and stamina will be restored with an additional 88 extra stamina! Also, the amount of skillseeds will be increased from 5,000 to 10,000.

5. Revision of Battle Tower Rewards
In Battle Tower ranking events, the amount of Ability Tickets and Crystals rewarded will be increased, and for higher-ranked players Prismatic Fractals, ★5 Growing Egg, and other Eggs will be available as rewards

6. Special First Login Bonus After Monthly Updates
Get 1 Summon Ticket at first login after a version update

7. New Areas of the Gigantuar Terrace
Utilize the 3 new different routes (each route with their respective type of Gigantuar) to efficiently collect the cactuar cards that you are looking to obtain! All reward also boosted.

Ability Card

1. Easier Extra Skill Unlock Conditions

2. Easier Augmentation Requirements

Weapon Boost/Weapon Modification

1. Increased Starting Slots for Weapon Boost/Modifcation to 4 slots

2. The amount of time decreased will be increased from 2 minutes per stamina point to 3 minutes per stamina point


1. The amount of magicite required to purchase Mobius Gift Box will be reduced from 3000 magicite to 1500 magicite

2. Growing Egg ★4 Available for Purchase at the Shop

3Removing ★3 Ability Summons, ★4 Ability Summons, and Job Summons. Insteaed, offering Greater Summons where certain jobs or abilities have a greater chance of being summoned during event or campaign periods. Also added a 500 magicite single summon.

4. Supreme Card will now be permanently added to the summoning lineup

5. Removing 58 ability cards from the summoning lineup as of 7:00 p.m. on 8/28 (UTC-8)

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July 31, 2017 at 11:32 PM delete

I cant find this card on mobius ff jp last chap
can u show me where to find thí card on map plz ?