Guide: Mobius FF - Weapon (Sarah) - Recommended Weapon to Enhance / Upgrade / Strengthen

Guide: Weapon (Sarah)

When you visit this page i assumed that you already know basic Weapon Enhancement,

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Points to remember:

Whatever weapon you choose, finally they will get exact Same Statistic:

* The main reason when choosing a weapon to enhance / upgrade is its Auto-abilities
* When you Remodel a weapon, attribute will increase randomly, but finally it's get same statistic

* Forth auto ability will be Ultimate Skill / Deathblow Level +1
1 stamina consumption will shorten 3 minutes enhancement time
Magicite / magic stone also can be used to shorten Enhancement Time, but it's not recommended

Recommended Sarah's Weapon to Enhance / Upgrade / Strengthen

WeaponAuto-abilities Solo / Multiplayer

Artemis Bow

* Normal Attack Ultimate Gauge Up 3%
* Ultimate Gauge Auto-charge +8
* Smart Break +100%
* Ultimate Skill / Deathblow Level +1

SS / B

Descent Arc

* Break Damage Up + 70%
* Elemental Weakness Damage Up +70%
* Haste Starter
* Ultimate Skill / Deathblow Level +1

S / S

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