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The Legends of Dragoon

Almost all RPG players know this game. I play it 17 years ago, my first RPG, & engraved a lot of memories. The Legend of Dragoon developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation console (1999).
Story follows Dart Feld journey, begin with a simple event, growth into more complex storyline to save the world.

Playable Characters 

1. Dart Fled

Dart Fled is main character in this game, he was one of the few survivors of the tragedy that befell his home town of Neet because of a mysterious "Black Monster". Later, Dart set a journey of revenge, and growth into more complex storyline to save the world.

Dart kind heart young man who always lend a hand for people in need. His loyalty and bravery shining through his  adventure. Not one to express emotions that he holds inside, Dart will grow on his journey to avenge his parents' deaths. In the near end of the game, he still cares for his father Zieg after being freed in Melbu Frahma possession.

After Dart and Lavitz are "defeated" by Kongol, Rose arrives and calls the spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragon. Dart bursts with the mystical energy of a dragoon and knocks out Kongol. From there on, he has the ability to use his spirit.

2. Lavitz Slambert & King Albert


Lavitz is the leader of the First Knighthood of Basil, serving under his longtime friend King Albert. Lavitz had wanted to become a knight to protect the country of Serdio ever since he was little, but now he is involved in the Serdian Civil War between the Duchy of Basil and the Imperial Sandora, led by Albert's ruthless uncle, Emperor Doel. 

Lavitz is a selfless, loyal, kind, and chivalrous man, most often putting others before himself. This is seen when he offers some of the enemy's civilians food and lodging while he, Dart, and Shana make their way to Bale in the beginning of the game; when he starts pushing for Dart to ask Shana out sometime later; and when he gives his life to protect Albert. He also loves his mother very much, shown as how excited he is to be home and to introduce her to his new friends, then in going back to gratefully accept her offered jerky.

Lavitz gets the spirit after the battle with Feyrbrand and Greham . As Greham lays dying he explains that his admiration for Servi turned it a feeling of fear at realizing one's limitations. The only way to over come that fear was with the help of the Dragoon Spirit. Greham tells Lavitz to live strong and vanishes in a brilliant green light. The same green light shines on the floor and reveals itself to Lavitz to make him the next Jade Dragoon.

Albert is something of a martial king who is willing to take up arms to defend his people. He's a master of the javelin (which he claims he was taught how to use by Lavitz). The people of Basil love Albert deeply as he is willing to sacrifice his own life for  them if it means ending the war.

Albert join party after Lavitz's death, and also inherit his dragoon power.

3. Shana & Miranda


Shana is Dart's childhood friend. She lives in the town of Seles as the Mayor's adopted daughter and grew up to live in relative peace until the Sandoran raid where she is targeted for unknown reasons and kidnapped.  Taken to Hellena Prison, she is soon rescued by Dart and Lavitz Slambert and chooses to accompany them on their journey. It is not until the battle with Urobolus that the party realizes there is something special about her.

Later during the story, after contracting a sickness, she is healed by the Dragoon Spirit of the White-Silver Dragon, which then responds to her as it did to it's previous owner Shirley. From that point on, she becomes the Dragoon of the White-Silver Dragon until a later point where she is replaced by Miranda, the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau. It is revealed on the Phantom Ship that Shana was actually the twin sister to princess Louvia, both of them the daughters of queen Theresa of Mille Seseau.

Miranda replaces Shana when the latter feels her Dragoon Spirit reject her as its host in the chamber of the Signet Sphere. Despite her abrasive personality, she is also a healer and tended to the sick and the wounded before she joined the party. She is the character of choice for using magic attack items since she has the highest Magic Attack of the entire party.

She is a solid, reliable companion, brave and dedicated to the defense of Deningrad. However, Miranda is a harsh taskmaster with her soldiers in Deningrad, and either utterly candid or terribly rude depending on the players viewpoint. From that, she has also been known to slap her fellow soldiers, even Rose. On one occasion she berates her guards for having let Lloyd past them, despite the party's prior assessment of Lloyd as being an unusually powerful opponent. Despite her hard as nails exterior, she has a tender heart when it comes to Queen Theresa and her fellow Sacred Sisters.

4. Rose

Rose was one of the original Dragoons who fought in the Dragon Campaign and was apparently the only survivor having watched all her friends who were also Dragoons die in battle, either giving up their lives heroically or being killed by the weapons of the enemy. Since then she has remained immortal, through the use of a magical choker, in order to prevent the end of the world by destroying the Moon Child.  To this end, she burned entire villages, killing any and all she could find and soon became the legendary Black Monster. 

Rose always serious and a bit cold, but became kinder throughout the game. Her knowledge about the Dragoons and Dragon Campaign (being someone who participated in it) make her a good mentor for the team.

5. Haschel

Haschel is the Master of the Rouge School of Martial Arts and the new Dragoon of the Violet Dragon which controls Thunder-based attacks. He learns towards the end of the game that his daughter Claire was Dart's mom and died at Neet. In a twist of fate or irony, he actually meets his grandson Dart years before the game's events take place when they traveled together on an adventure without know of their relation.

Haschel is upbeat and jovial, even throwing in some jokes at some conversations with his friends. In battle, however, Haschel is serious, calm and collected.

Haschel acquired his dragoon spirit after the battle with Doel. With the death of Doel, Dart decides to follow Lloyd to Tiberoa . The other dragoons, Rose, Shana, and Albert, agree to go with Dart as it is "fate." Haschel begins to walk away but a bright light shows to reveal his "fate" Haschel begins to walk away but a bright light shows to reveal his "fate" and so he heads to Tiberoa with his fellow dragoons.

6. Meru

Meru joins Dart and the other Dragoons on their quest to follow Lloyd and stop his goal of gathering the Divine Moon Objects.

Meru is perky, cheerful, a bit childish, being especially spoiled around Dart. She also serves as a charismatic moral-booster for her team, after she joined the team even without the team's complete agreement. While she usually looks cheerful, she does have a serious side, as she shows at the Forest of Winglies upon returning home. Meru can be very upbeat, driving her party members insane, or boosting their mood at the right time.

Meru' dragoon spirit obtained after the battle with Lenus and Regole. As Lenus dies, she throws her blades, almost hitting Dart and Shana. With her final attempt thwarted, she calls for Lloyd one more time and closes her eyes. A bright blue light shines over Lenus, rising to reveal itself to Meru, thereby signifying her right to rule dragons. With joy, she begins to dance before the other dragoons walk out on her.

7. Kongol

Kongol is originally a boss that appears at Hoax and then Kazas. He is once again encountered at the Home of Gigantos and from here on out he remains in the party. His brutal strength and gigantic size are a deadly combination.

As a Giganto, Kongol already possess formidable physical power. Also, he uses an axe which is an incredibly destructive weapon. With his life trained as a warrior, Kongol is an absolute powerhouse for his team. Kongol possess the best physical attributes but very poor magical abilities. His HP, Physical Attack and Defense are the highest of the team. However his Magical power both attack and defense are very low, his speed also extremely slow due to his sheer size and highly recommended to equip him with speed raising equipment, such as the Bandit's Ring. But Kongol is very useful as a powerful vanguard and defender. His dragoon raises his physical potential to maximum along with decent increase of Magical Attack and Defense.

There are actually two different ways to obtain this dragoon spirit, the first way is to buy it from the man in Lohan that gave the player the bottle earlier in the game. Initially, the man asks 1000 gold for the stone. If the player are planning on using Kongol as a party member, this is definitely the way to go, as the only other way to acquire it is nearly at the end of the game, when the player fights Kongol's brother, Indora, and also acquires Indora's Axe. Getting it in Lohan gives the player simple time to level it up and attain the skills that come with the Dragoon Spirit.

Storyline Summary 

The game takes place in The Continent of Endiness. It is a large landmass which consists of four countries: Serdio, Tiberoa, Mille Seseau, and Gloriano. There is also a desert-like region, which has an arid climate, known as the Death Frontier.

Story begin when Dart going home after 5 years Journey to pursue Black Monster, who killed his parents and destroyed his birth city, Neet. On the way he attacked by Feyrbrand, a mantis-like dragon & saved by a mysterious female heroine named Rose. When he arrives at his hometown, Seles, he discovers that it has been destroyed by Sandora, and that Shana, Dart’s childhood friend (and later in the game, his love interest), has been taken away. Dart sets out to rescue her. Throughout the game, he is periodically joined by people that he helps along the way.

After rescuing Shana from Hellena prison, King Albert send the party to defend the fort-city of Hoax against attacks from Sandora. Among the attacking Sandora is Kongol, the last survivor of a race of giants known as the Gigantos. It is in his battle with Kongol that Dart first gains his ability to transform into a Dragoon using the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragon. Kongol is injured, but survives and retreats. With the fort safe, they travel to the City of Lohan. In the city, they meet a man named Lloyd, supposedly the greatest swordsman in the world. Later they discover that he kidnapped King Albert and took the Moon Gem from him, an ancient artifact held by the Royal Family. The king is rescued, but Lloyd gets away with the Moon Gem.

They soon discover that Lloyd is gathering other artifacts held by human kings since the days of the Wingly Empire, and at the same time, causing disasters in the lands that he visits. While the party tries to reverse Lloyd’s work, Lloyd manages to obtain all three of the artifacts, and also manages to obtain the Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon, the most powerful dragon in the world. Dart and the party finally manage to defeat Lloyd, who then agrees to take them to Emperor Diaz, ancient Emperor of Gloriano during the Dragon Campaign. Emperor Diaz reveals several things to the party.

During the height of the Wingly Empire over eleven thousand years ago, a creature called the Virage Embryo, also known as the God of Destruction, came to the world to end all other life. Before it could be born, the Winglies used their magical power to separate its body from its soul, making it unable to destroy them. They then cast the body into the sky, where it became the Moon That Never Sets, and sealed it using several magical Signets, one in each of the ancient Wingly cities, to prevent the soul and body from reuniting. The soul of the God of Destruction was originally placed inside the Crystal Sphere, which was worn by the ancient Wingly ruler Melbu Frahma to increase his power. However, during the Dragon Campaign, when the Dragoons assaulted Kadessa, the capital city of the Ancient Winglies, the Crystal Sphere was shattered during the fight between Melbu Frahma and Zieg Feld, leader of the Dragoons.

Ever since, the soul of the God of Destruction has wandered the Earth and, every one hundred and eight years, possesses the body of a human child in an attempt to return to its body. The body can be summoned if the Signets are destroyed, which can be done using the immense magical power contained within the artifacts that Lloyd gathered, called the Divine Moon Objects. At this time, the human that is the soul of the God of Destruction is Shana. Emperor Diaz then reveals himself to be Zieg Feld, Dart's father and leader of the Dragoons that fought alongside Rose in the Dragon Campaign. After Zieg defeated Melbu Frahma, Melbu cast a spell that both petrified him and kept Melbu's spirit alive within Zieg's body. Finally, it is revealed that Rose is the Black Monster that destroyed Dart’s village, in an attempt to kill the person carrying the soul of the God of Destruction.

After all this is revealed, Zieg (or, more accurately, Melbu Frahma, who is now possessing Zieg's body) takes Shana away and proceeds to destroy the remaining three Signet Spheres that seal the Moon That Never Sets, the flesh of the God of Destruction, causing it to fall from the sky and land on the Divine Tree. He then carries her to the body of the God of Destruction, so that the body will sense the presence of its soul and prepare to restore itself. Instead, Melbu Frahma unites with the body himself, taking the form and power of the God of Destruction. Zieg is released from Melbu Frahma’s possession, and aids the party in their attempt to defeat Melbu. The party defeats him, but at the cost of Rose and Zieg who sacrifice themselves to destroy Melbu Frahma. Everyone else is able to return home to live their own lives.

Source: Wikia & Personal Experiences

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