Meia - PSICOM Officer (Jihl Nabaat FF13) (Attacker) Legend

Colonel Jihl Nabaat [dʒɪl nəbɑːt] is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. She is an officer in the Cocoon army as the Commander of PSICOM, the division that deals with the threat of Gran Pulse. She is an enemy of Lightning and her allies. (Wikia)

Character's Model


Good Points:
1.Good Auto-ability with Ability Chain & Same Element Chain
2. Flash Break 100% make her also a good Breaker
3. Can use Ranger Ability Card
4. Powerfull Ultimate with 1500% Attack & 2000% Break + Transposer, Debarrier, Break Defense Down, Critical Resistance Down, Stamper

Ultimate Skill

Credit: Square-Enix, &


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