Mage & Meia - Ultimate Hero : Y'shtola Rhul (FF14) (Skin)

Y'shtola Rhul [ɪʃtoʊlɑː] is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Conjurer and one of the main characters from the Limsa Lominsa story in Final Fantasy XIV. Her original appearance was right at the beginning of Version 1.0, where she helped the adventurer during the Aurelia attack on the ship. In Mobius Final Fantasy, Y'shtola Rhul appear as Ultimate Hero for Meia & Mage Class.

Character's Model


Good Points:
1. Use-able Ultimate Hero (Skin) for Meia & Mage Class
2. Good Auto-abilities. Faith Starter & Haste Starter for Battle, & 20% Seed Up for Farming Skill-seed
3. Excellent Ultimate with 1000% Attack & 3000% Break Haste, Boost, Faith, Trans, Rainbow shift
4. Character appearance transform into Y'shtola Rhul
5. Weapon Appearance transform into Y'shtola's Weapon

Ultimate Skill

Image (Character Model) & Video (Ultimate Skill) credit to Fei deFenrir (Game in Memoria)
Job Statistic credit to


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