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This is basic guide for Mobius Final Fantasy. I plan to keep update & make revision log about it, so any one who re-visit this page will know the recent changes.

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First part of this guide inspired by new special map, Beginner's House (Novices' Hall) & i developed it for Global & Japan players.

Basic Battle System

Tap the screen to do a normal attack

Normal attack will produce element. 
Elements is required to active Elemental Ability card or Element Drive.

Attack with Ability card will reduce yellow gauge, after that you can reduce red gauge with normal attack. But for several jobs, normal attack can reduce both yellow & red gauge at same time.

Condition when Enemies lost their's red gauge called Break state.

In Break State, enemy will receive more damage.
Activate Ability card to deliver greater damage.

Insert better cards to the card deck to give more advantage during battle.

There's 6 elements in Mobius Final Fantasy, 
During chapter 1 - 3, You only encounter 4 elemental enemies: Fire, Water, Wind, & Earth.
After chapter 4, You also encounter 2 more elemental enemies: Light & Dark.
Each opposite element have weakness to each other.
Fire < - > Water
Wind < - > Earth
Light < - > Dark

Enemy will resist same element, but it weak to opposite element.

Activate elemental weakness will deliver more damage to enemy

You also can increase character's elemental resistance by "Element Drive"

Swipe from center to desired element to activate it.

If you drive water element, all water orb will be converted to "Elemental Resistance" for several turns

You can teleport to cleared areas,
Tap the Teleport icon

You also can teleport to another map
Tap the Globe icon to advance the story, special map, or event map.

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