[Japan] Welcome Back & New Player Campaign

To celebrate Chapter 7 arrival, Square-Enix held Welcome Back & New Player Campaign. So make sure to use this opportunity.

April 22 (Sat) 0:00 ~ May 10 (Wed) 23: 59

1. Returning Player & Newly Registered Player

Gift: Mobius Gift Box + 1000 Magicite

a. Those who do new registration
b. Those who did not log in for more than 30 days from the last login date

2. Continuing Player Ability Ticket gift

Gift: Ability Ticket x 30

a. For players who have login more than 30 days 
b. If you have already finished the tutorial, it will be distributed at login.

3. Welcome Back Achievement Rewards

4. Re-tweet Achievement Rewards

※ This free summon can be done once a day for free and one card is summoned.

5. Welcome Back Free Summon at the End of Event

Depending on the number of come back players, it is the content of the summoned after the end of event.

Mobius Gift Box Introduction

1. Gifts:
- Grow Star x 1
- Summon Ticket x 6
- Ability Ticket x 20
- Elixir x 2
- Phoenix Down x 2
- Crystal x 3

2. Seed Bonus + 50%

3. Regular Gifts (5 times):
- Mystic Table x 3
- Gigantuar ★ 4 x 1

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