[Japan] Spring Full Bloom Mobius Day

"Mobius Day" on the 8th of every month.
April 6th (Thu) 0:00 ~ Sunday, April 9th (Sun) 23: 59

1. Daily Reward
Got 'Elixir x 1' and 'Phoenix's Down x 1' everyday at the first login
Another Gifts:
June 6th : Crystal x 3
June 7th : 100,000 fire and water skillseeds
June 8th : 100,000 wind and earth skillseeds
June 9th : 100,000 light and dark skillseeds

2. Got +88 stamina each day & twice stamina recovery by elixir

3. Increase 4 times skillseeds bonus at Exploration Dungeons

4.  Ability drop card become lv. 2 (fodder)

5. Extra-skill awakening super-up in all regions during the period, except Chaos Vortex (no awakening at this area)

6. Fusion rate up +20%

7. Unlock all areas at Pleiades Lagoon

Have Fun ^_^

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