[Japan] Over 10 million registered users, Final Fantasy VII 20th Anniversary Event, and Big Surprise featuring Sephiroth


There's big event to celebrate over 10 million registered users & Final Fantasy VII 20th Anniversary. At the beginning, login bonus added from 1/25 (Wednesday) to 2/1 (Wednesday), and users can get up to 2,800 magicites.

Users also curious when this banner appear:

Countdown 7

Countdown Campaign that made many users expecting so many probabilities. After countdown reach 1, Square-Enix revealed that there's big collaboration featuring Sephiroth, main villain who have important role in Final Fantasy VII.

Countdown 1, Sephiroth

There's login bonus that give many summon ticket from 2/1 - 2/28

Login Campaign

and also item giveaway from 2/1 - 2.10 with total of 10 elixirs, 10 phoenix downs, 10 crystals, 100 millions Gil, & 1000 magicites .

Item Giveaway

Square-Enix introducing Ultimate Hero: Sephiroth (left) & Legend Job Hero of Despair (right). Hero of Despair will be a limited job until 2/15.

Sephiroth Hero of Despair

Sephiroth Skin  Sephiroth Job

Card Appearance

Ulimate Hero Sephiroth  Hero of Despair

Sephiroth will appear in Multiplayer. Available in 3, 4, & 5 star difficulty.

Mobius Final Fantasy Sephiroth

There's 2 goals:
1. By clearing 77.777 times will get rewards 1 summon ticket, 77 ability tickets, and 777.000 seeds (all elements).

77.777 milestone

2. By clearing 200.000 times will get rewards a custom skill (HP + 2000) for Hero of Despair (Job) & 7 Jenova's Cells

200.000 milestone

Final Fantasy VII Event Dungeon also get new map featuring Sephiroth.

sephiroth dungeon

Detail about this Dungeon will be explained on the next post

( Source: Altema.jp )

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