[Japan] New Aerith Job for Meia, New Ultimate Card: Aerith FF7, & Fatal Calling part 2

After Sephiroth Job (Hero of Despair, Ultimate Hero) & Fatal Callling Collaboration Event, Square-Enix give us more surprise to celebrate 30th Final Fantasy & 20th Final Fantasy VII Anniversary. 

Introducing new Job for Meia, Midgard Florist Girl (Aerith)

It has High HP, 70% fire and light, 50% darkness attribute, 70% break damage up, 70% elemental weakness damage up, 70% critical damage up, 70% Ability chain, with recovery element starter and Special Moves gauge up. In multiplayer it can be used for both "supporter" and "attacker"

Mobius Final Fantasy also introducing new Ultimate Ability Card, Aerith: FF7

Fatal Calling part 2 will be held on 2/16 0:00, so get ready to face Sephiroth again :D

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