Guide: How to set different Steam Libraries to install both of Mobius Final Fantasy Global & Japan (Steam - PC)

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If you want to install both of Mobius Final Fantasy Global & Japan, make sure to install them in different Steam Library, or they will mess each other.

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1. Open Steam Application > Setting
steam setting

2.Go to Downloads > Steam Library Folders

steam library

3. Add Library Folder

add steam library

Take a note:
Set different Steam Libraries in different Drive,

in my case:
Mobius Final Fantasy (Japan) in default folder --> F:\Games\Steam
& Mobius Final Fantasy (Global) in secondary folder --> E:\Steam Library2

2 steam library

Now you are ready to go.

After installed both of them, you can find 2 games in Steam Library, look at descriptions & play the game.

MFF Japan

mobius final fantasy japan, steam

MFF Global
 mobius final fantasy global, steam

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