Guide: How to install Mobius Final Fantasy Japan (Android)

This is a short guide to install it ^_^
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1. Instal VPN Easy

2. Open VPN Easy, change location & connect it to Japan.

3. Still on VPN Easy screen, run PlayStore (Good point of this apps, you don't need to clear PlayStore cache & you don't need to make a new Japan Google Account to download the games)

4. Download Mobius Final Fantasy (Japan).

5. Play the game & connect your account.

6. After that you can force close the apps & disconnect VPN Easy for higher download speed.

7. Now you can download Game Data & Play the game without VPN.

8. Enjoy the Journey to Palamecia ^_^

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September 1, 2018 at 1:34 AM delete

Unfortunetly it doesn't work for me . After I connect to a japanese server, I still can't download japanese version of mobius.