[Japan] Fatal Calling: Sephiroth Arrival, Materia System, Eclipse Contact Extended

At previous news, there's no detail about New Collaboration Dungeon featuring Sephiroth to celebrate 30th Final Fantasy & 20th Final Fantasy VII Anniversary. But now, Square-Enix have reveal them all. 

Its "Fatal Calling". available from 2/7 ~ 3/31.

They also extend duration for "Eclipse Contact" event, for all players who have not completed this dungeon.

Every player will get Sephiroth: Dissidia Final Fantasy (ability card). Its a powerfull ability to cast one of Sephiroth's favorite skill: Meteor

In Fatal Calling, Square-Enix introducing new Materia System. Materia is an item of spheres containing magic, status up, and the ability to be useful in battle. Just set the materia to the hole, & you are ready to use it.

Number of stocked materia will be that materia level

Players can combine materia for various effect.

This is type of materia

Source : Mobius Final Fantasy Japan (Official Website)

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